CITS / CTI Syllabus Free Download

CITS / CTI Syllabus Free Download :- अगर आप ITI में Instructor बनना चाहते हैं तो CITS करना होगा। ITI Instructor recruitment में CITS की डिग्री ज़रूरी है। CITS Admission की जानकारी इस पोस्ट में मिलेगी।

इस पोस्ट में CITS Admission 2024 के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी दी गई है। यदि आप ITI में Instructor बनना चाहते हैं, तो CITS कोर्स करना अनिवार्य है। CITS Admission Online Form June 2024 में उपलब्ध होगा, जिसके लिए आवश्यक योग्यताएं ITI, Diploma और Degree हैं। CITS की डिग्री ITI Instructor recruitment के लिए अनिवार्य मानी जाती है।

CITS Admission Eligibility 2024-25

Eligibility Criteria:

  • ITI (NCVT Certificate/SCVT) + 1 Year Experience
  • Diploma Pass
  • Degree Pass
  • SCVT Candidates are also eligible
  • CoE Candidates are NOT eligible

CITS AICET Exam Pattern 2024-25

  • 75% questions of objective type (multiple choice type) of ITI level related to the trade applied for admission.
  • 25% questions of objective type pertaining to Aptitude (Logical, Numeric andReasoning).
Exam Duration2 Hours

CITS / Trade wise CTI Syllabus Previous :-

  1. CITS_Aeronautical Structure And Equipment Fitter-NSQF-5
  2. CITS_Architectural Draughtsman NSQF-5
  3. CITS_Agro Processing NSQF-5
  4. CITS_Bamboo Works NSQF-5
  5. CITS_Computer Aided Embroidery & Designing NSQF-5
  6. CITS_Catering & Hospitality NSQF-5
  7. CITS-Chemical Plant Tech NSQF-5
  8. CITS_Computer Hardware & Networking Maintenance NSQF-5
  9. CITS_Computer Software Application NSQF-5
  10. CITS_Cosmetology NSQF-5
  11. CITS_Draughtsman Civil NSQF-5
  12. CITS_Draughtsman Mechanical NSQF-5
  13. CITS_Dress Making NSQF-5
  14. CITS_Desktop Publishing Operator NSQF-5
  15. CITS_Electrician NSQF-5
  16. CITS_Electrician Power Distribution NSQF-5
  17. CITS_Electronics Mechanic NSQF-5
  18. CITS-Electroplater NSQF-5
  19. CITS_Fashion Design and Technology NSQF-5
  20. CITS_Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management NSQF-5
  21. CITS_Fitter NSQF-5
  22. CITS_Food Beverage NSQF-5
  23. CITS_Foundryman NSQF-5
  24. CITS_Fruits & Vegetables Processing NSQF-5
  25. CITS_Information Technology NSQF-5
  26. CITS_Instrument Mechanic NSQF-5
  27. CITS_Interior Design and Decoration NSQF-4.5
  28. CITS_Laboratory Assistant Chemical plant NSQF-5
  29. CITS-Lift Escalator Mechanic NSQF-5
  30. CITS_Machinist Grinder NSQF-5
  31. CITS_Machinist & Operator Advance Machine Tools NSQF-5
  32. CITS_Mechanic Agricultural Machinery NSQF-5
  33. CITS_Multimedia Animation & Special Effects NSQF-5
  34. CITS_Mechanic Diesel NSQF-5
  35. CITS_Mechanic Motor Vehicle NSQF-5
  36. CITS_Mechanic RAC NSQF-5
  37. CITS_Mechanic Tractor NSQF-5
  38. CITS_Milk & Milk Product Technician NSQF-5
  39. CITS_Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance NSQF-5
  40. CITS_Office Management NSQF-5
  41. CITS_Painting Technology NSQF-5
  42. CITS_Plastic Processing Operator NSQF-4.5
  43. CITS_Plumber NSQF-5
  44. CITS_Pump Operator Cum Mech NSQF-5
  45. CITS_Reading Of Drawing And Arithmetic NSQF-5
  46. CITS_Secretarial Practice (Hindi) NSQF-5
  47. CITS_Sewing Technology NSQF-5
  48. CITS_Sheet Metal Worker NSQF-5
  49. CITS_Spinning Technician NSQF-5
  50. CITS_Surface Ornamentation Techniques NSQF-5
  51. CITS_Surveyor NSQF-5
  52. CITS_Tool & Die Maker NSQF-5
  53. CITS_Turner NSQF-5
  54. CITS_Welder NSQF-5
  55. CITS_Wood Work Technician NSQF-5

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